An endless aisle, stock management, and much more at a premium fashion brand store with Proceso

Hiccups in processes trigger a chain reaction. They create operational blind spots, leading to lost productivity, wasted resources, lost opportunities, and burned-out employees. Such a hostile work environment impacts product or service quality, eroding customer experience. This will trickle down to higher operating costs and revenue losses, hitting the bottom lines.

This is the story of most enterprises. Our customer, a leading multi-brand fashion store chain from India, was also going through these challenges.

They were following traditional processes to execute their daily operations. Their frontline staff were ill-equipped and unconnected. Business managers fail to get a complete picture of their operations due to silos created by manual processes.

Their customers were facing unpleasant experiences stemming from the conventional practices.

Seeking an efficient solution to transform operations and redefine customer experience, the retailer reached out to Saxon AI.

Our investigation identified the root cause as an unconnected workforce working on reams of paper. We created an effective process automation framework to check the challenges using a digital solution tailored for the retailer.

Implementation of the process automation solution wouldn’t be a cakewalk given our customer’s industry. However, experts at Saxon AI helped the retailer transform their store operations over a hassle-free journey.

Explore the transformation journey of one of the biggest multi-brand fashion store chains in India from this case study.