Proceso – Unified interface for streamlined retail operations

Connect all your workforces, streamline retail process automation, drive operational growth, and do more with Proceso, our no-code retail task management software.

  • Digital checklists
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Audits and compliance
  • Surveys and feedback

Break silos with Proceso – An end-to-end
retail task management software

Streamline your retail operations by bringing all your teams on a single platform. Proceso allows each team to create checklists,
manage tasks, and collaborate with other teams hassle-free.

For frontline workforce

Streamline daily operations for your store associates with Proceso. Eliminate manual efforts and enable them to do more while enhancing their employee experience.

  • Store opening and closing checklists
  • Customer returns, exchanges, and warranty
  • Weekly inventory count
  • Returnable and non-returnable stock movement
  • Offers and product knowledge

For store managers and supervisors

Enable your store managers and supervisors to keep operations running smoothly. Let them create and update checklists without relying on the IT teams.

  • Floor walk checklist
  • Duty manager checklist
  • Area sales manager checklist
  • Visual merchandising audit
  • Global inventory count
  • Stock sync and review
  • Sales sync and review
  • New store opening checklist

For auditors and compliance officers

Our retail process automation tool equips your auditors with pre-built templates to ensure compliance and accuracy in your operations.

  • Store health audit
  • Store sales audit
  • Cash imprest audits
  • Sustainability audit
  • Premises safety checklists
  • Fire safety checklists
  • Pandemic protocol checklists

For executives

Proceso delivers the strategic insights your executive team requires to drive the business forward. Your executives can have a complete view of operations and make informed decisions.

  • Compliance dashboard
  • Project governance
  • Meetings governance
  • Financial risk tracking
  • Opportunity tracking

For cross-functional approvals

Say goodbye to bottlenecks and delays in approvals. With faster approval management, Proceso helps you keep operations on track.

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • HR and Admin
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Sames
  • Marketing

For elevated customer experience

Proceso enables you to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The retail task management software creates a positive feedback loop and eliminates collaboration gaps to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Customer surveys
  • Promotions outreach
  • Customer grievance
  • Customer service
  •  Personalized service for customers
  • Recommendations and assisted selling

Have a unique requirement?
We can customize Proceso to match your needs.

Proceso's core capabilities to transform your retail operations

Proceso is a no-code retail task management software that simplifies task and process management with a unified interface. Redefine your retail operations with Proceso’s capabilities and drive your growth trajectory.

Task and process automation

Connected workforce management

Audit and compliance management

Live App Previews

What makes Proceso powerful?

100+ connectors

Proceso seamlessly integrates with your preferred ERP, CRM, and other line-of-business systems.

Platform customization

Customize Proceso as per your unique business requirements so that you can leverage Proceso completely and get the best returns on your investment.

Teams integration

Integrate Proceso with Microsoft Teams for better collaboration. Send notifications and track progress on the go.

200+ pre-built templates

Proceso comes with more than 200 pre-built templates covering every aspect of your retail operations.

No-code platform

Proceso is a no-code retail task management software. You can create and update forms and checklists without requiring IT assistance.

Cost savings

Significantly save costs to automate SOPs with ready-to-use templates.

Time savings

Reduce wait times and improve efficiency by connecting all roles in your organization through adaptive cards in Microsoft Teams.


Ensure timely and accurate compliance, reducing the cost of follow ups, escalations, and delays.

Better customer experience

Deliver high-quality customer experience using constructive customer feedback and surveys.