Enhanced regulatory compliance, improved net promoter score & more at Landmark Group

Our customer, Landmark Group, is a leading retailer with more than 2000 outlets worldwide.

Considering the size and scale of their operations, our customer required tailored retail management software to maintain brand consistency, ensure compliance and improve net promoter score. However, their legacy systems didn’t include store associates, who would execute operations on the frontline.

The disconnected frontline created operational challenges for our customer, as the frontline employees didn’t have real-time access to the knowledge base to execute their tasks efficiently.

The legacy systems also created concerns about data security as the system used a shared database and provided our customer with limited control over their data.

Struggling with these challenges, Landmark Group partnered with Saxon AI to implement a tailored, comprehensive solution that digitally empowered the frontline workforce.

  • What was the solution we implemented for Landmark Group?
  • How the solution helped our customer tackle the challenges?
  • What are the benefits our customer realized with our solution?

In this case study, you will explore answers to all the questions. This case study delves into the transformative journey of Landmark Group on multiple fronts, including brand consistency, compliance, and customer satisfaction, using a single tailored application.