Connect Your Workforce

An Employee Engagement & Productivity Platform for a Connected Workforce

A connected organisation and workforce is no longer a desire but a necessity. The workforce on the ground.

Carries out operational tasks that keep the business running.

Promotes product documentation to customers.

Liaises with experts to respond to customer queries.

They represent the company brand

To ensure optimum performance and a consistent customer experience, an organisation needs structured collaboration between frontline and knowledge workers, as well as a central hub for communications, processes, documents and knowledge.

Welcome to ‘Connect’ For a Connected Workforce.

Connect Your Workforce

A Business Productivity & Employee Engagement platform for a Connected Workforce​

Over 2 billion frontline workers are at the forefront of many major industries, from Healthcare to Retail to Manufacturing, to name just a few. Frontline workers lead what many large organizations do everyday​.

They are the first to interact with customers.​

They carry out operational tasks that keep the business running​.

They are the first to promote or service new products​.

They represent the company brand

But fewer than 25% of these workers say they have the right technology to do their jobs. And with the recent acceleration of remote and hybrid work models, this lack of technological support has become even more challenging.

Connect for a Connected Workforce!


Value proposition

Reduce the time and cost of automating operational processes and increase operational efficiency with an easy-to-learn and adaptable collaborative solution.

Cost Savings

Lowers the cost of SOP compliance with a no code automation platform that also reduces the cost of follow ups, escalations and delays, saving management bandwidth.

Time Savings

Improves efficiency as it connects all roles in the organization through Microsoft Teams where high visibility notifications ensure awareness and timely action.


Promotes collaboration and improves employee experience by providing a single point for consuming company communications, carrying out day-to-day tasks, searching for colleagues and resources.


A mobile first app in Microsoft Teams, simple, intuitive and easy to use. Built for the frontline, it is compatible with all phones, tablets and PCs.

Regulatory & SOP Compliance

Multi-faceted Compliance with Connect

With Front line workers on location and supervisors working remotely, compliance can be a real challenge. Connect has you covered on all key aspects - When was the job done? Where was it done? Who did it? and on which Device?

Time Compliance

SOPs completed on time without the need for follow ups and escalations.

Location Compliance

Workers complete their tasks on location whether a factory or a healthcare centre or a retail store.

Identity Compliance

SOP completed by the user to whom it is assigned.

Device Compliance

Evidence collected and recorded on an authorised device.

Communications, Processes, Document & Knowledge

The complete solution to Connect your workforce

An average employee today needs to perform a wide range of tasks most of which are repetitive and time bound. They also need to be mobile-enabled and get notified on a platform they use all day. Connect offers all of these and more, as a Hub on Microsoft Teams that brings together Processes, Communications, Document and Knowledge.


No Code Process Automation

Audit, Checklist, Surveys …

Forms & Workflow Builder

Scan Evidence and score

BOT notifies and Calls to Action

Assign, Approve, Remind, Escalate in Microsoft Teams

Document Hub

Document Hub

Multilevel Document Hubs

Document centric collaboration

Metadata based Custom search

Custom Document Explorers

MSFT Teams integration

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Wikis, Blogs, Media…

Documents, Learning assets..

Omni channel search

Expert Locator

Learning KPIs integrations

Social Hub

Engaged Workforce

Unified gateway to all apps

Social, Events, Videos, Pictures

Personalised Content on demand

Polls, News, Classifieds

Multi channel Support BOT

Connect the Frontline

Keeping employees connected

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Engaged Employees are Productive Employees

Strengthening culture and community
delivers concrete results

Connect facilitates structured collaboration on business-critical tasks between employees across
locations, both front line workers who are on their phones and white-collar workers on their PC.

74% of organizations

74% of organizations that digitally empowering frontline workers increase worker satisfaction.

Frontline workers

Frontline workers spend an average of 1.6 hours per week reviewing company updates.

Deploying CONNECT

Deploying CONNECT can increase efficiency by over 15%

$380,000 per year

This efficiency gain can save large organizations up to $380,000 per year.

Connect the Frontline

Keeping employees connected

Keeping employees connected, teams stitched together and ensuring a cohesive & smooth operation for an organization in the new normal was a struggle for every enterprise, big or small.

Another challenge was compliance since many a time front line workers were on location but the managers were working from home.

This threw up all kinds of challenges related to location, device, time and identity compliance.



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