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Do you want to enhance the appeal of your facility management services? Optimize your facility management tasks with Proceso.

Proceso- A No Code business automation platform to
optimize your Facility Management Tasks

Facility management is crucial for creating a positive and efficient environment. With Proceso, you can streamline tasks such as equipment maintenance, space organization, and safety checks, guaranteeing that your facilities operate at peak performance. The app’s user-friendly interface simplifies communication among team members, making it easy to coordinate and execute essential facility-related responsibilities. It also offers analytics tools to track the efficiency of your facility management processes. Identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to further enhance the overall quality of your services. Whether you’re managing an office space, retail establishment, or any other facility, Proceso is your all-in-one solution for effective and organized facility management.

Here are the Facility management solutions terms

Store/Restaurant Visit Report

Area Managers can conduct audits and review previous visit data helping close open issues.

SOP Audit

Ensure smooth functioning of the location according to all SOPs

Repair and Maintenance Audit

Ensure proactive maintenance and timely repair of tools and increase visibility of the state of the property. Operation managers can provide ratings for the audit conducted at the store in order to ensure that the property is Customer ready

Store Manager Checklist

Integrated task management, follow-ups, reminders and escalations help in building accountability within the store staff

Store Maintenance Checklist

Gather information about repair and maintenance needs to ensure the property is Customer ready.

Food Safety Audit

Safeguard health and safety of the employees and consumers and ensure that the food is upto the standards.

Fall prevention checklists

Ensure a safe experience for senior citizens, kids and specially abled people

Site Safety Inspection Audit

Ensure a safe experience for Employees

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