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Human resource department can easily automate plenty of mundane tasks with our no code platform, Proceso.  

Proceso- A No Code business automation platform
to streamline your HR operations

Your employees are your real assets. Give them the best working environment to motivate and boost their productivity. Human resource managers can easily keep a tab on important aspects of daily routine with our app. Say goodbye to all your manual tasks such as filing up forms, asking employees to share feedback on papers, their safety compliance, etc. Proceso app is loaded with100 ready-to-use connectors to help you integrate the app with your existing ERP systems.

Here are the HR automation solutions terms

Exit Form

A form to be filled by employee at the time of exit from organization

Joining Form

Replacing traditional pen paper process of filling details of new joinee.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

HR Survey to get insights of employees experiences and thoughts on workculture

COVID-19 Audits

Design & conduct audits to ensure change in employee behaviour post COVID-19

Food Safety Audit

Safeguard health and safety of the employees and consumers and ensure that the food is upto the standards.

Site Safety Inspection Audit

Ensure a safe experience for Employees

Daily Attendance Tracker

Eliminate employee dissatisfaction related to discrepancies in login timings and location compliance

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