Proceso App – Automate all your legal and compliance audit activities

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Proceso- A No Code business automation platform to ensure adherence to all legal and compliance standards

Do you want to ensure legal and compliance adherence in your business? You need to keep your legal and compliance practices ready to meet regulatory standards. Our Proceso App enables you to assign team members to ensure all legal and compliance requirements are met. You can check them online with geolocation tags. There are various other manual tasks that you can automate with Proceso, a no-code business productivity platform for your legal and compliance processes. 

Here are the legal and compliance solutions terms

COVID-19 Audits

Design & conduct audits to ensure change in employee behaviour post COVID-19

Health & Hygiene Audits

Design and conduct health safety audits to ensure adherence to protocols and to stay complaint with regulations.

Brand Audits

Ensure consistency in branding, identify non-compliance risks and opportunities to ensure a uniform and enhanced Customer experience

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