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Proceso- A No Code business automation platform to
boost your marketing operations

The more your customers are happy, the better output you will get from your business. We have developed a no code platform app, proceso which allows you to automate several manual and time-consuming marketing tasks. It saves you a lot of time and efforts to spend on more critical jobs. All your daily routine marketing activities can be automated with our Proceso App. Imagine a world where your daily routine marketing activities are effortlessly streamlined, allowing you to redirect your precious time and efforts towards more critical and strategic endeavors.  

Here are the marketing automation solutions terms

Lost & Found

Increase Customer satisfaction by proactively informing them about articles found in the store or by having immediate information to respond to queries about Lost articles

Branch Marketing Audit

Improve brand visibility by performing checks on whether all banners, branding and offers are in place and whether employees are aware of new offers

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure and improve Customer satisfaction. Compare with past results

New Product Surveys

Launch surveys to assess market for new product ideas and get timely insights from Customers.

Product Knowledge Assessments

Assess employees to keep them abreast of product launches and offers thereby increasing sales for key product segments

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