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Proceso- A No Code business automation platform to
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Do you want to attract customers to your merchandising store? You need to keep your merchandising store ready to welcome the customers. Our Proceso App enables you to assign team members to ensure all banners and decorations at store is done properly. You can check them online with geolocation tag. There are various other manual tasks that you can automate with Proceso, a no code business productivity platform for your merchandising store. It helps you ensure all the tasks are done in timely manner so that you can open your store in time.

Here are the merchandising automation solutions terms

New Store Opening Checklist

Have a timely and well planned new store opening, checks on employees being at their assigned brands to attend Customers, all new banners and decorations and offers are in place, property is in a good state and VM aspects are taken care of

Weekly Global Count Checklist

Checklist for inventory counts by Store and Product

Visual Merchandising Standards

Drive consistency in product displays, branding, floor layouts and overall experience driving higher footfall and increasing Customer engagement

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