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Give your team the right tool to automate their operations and support process, Proceso App. Our No-code platform, Proceso helps you automate the operations and support process efficiently.  

Proceso- A No Code business automation platform
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Your frontline workers need to be equipped with the right tools to match the expectations of the customers. Manual process is time-consuming and overburden your support and operation team causing delay in delivering the support to the customers. With over 100 ready-to-use connectors, you can seamlessly integrate with your current ERP or CRM systems, Proceso App empowers you with automated processes. Embrace efficiency and leave behind the tediousness of manual processes.  

Here are the HR automation solutions terms

Exit Form

Employees can fill a form at the time of exit from organization.

Joining Form

Automate employee joining process by replacing traditional pen paper process of filling details of new joinee.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

HR Survey to get insights of employees experiences and thoughts on workculture

Cash Van Audits

Real time visibility based on photo evidence with geo tagging and more

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Measure and improve Customer satisfaction. Compare with past results

New Product Surveys

Launch surveys to assess market for new product ideas and get timely insights from Customer

Geo-fencing location Audits

Conduct audits with Geo-fencing enabled to ensure authenticity of evidence

COVID-19 Audits

Design & conduct audits to ensure change in employee behaviour post COVID-19

Branch Marketing Audit

Improve brand visibility by performing checks on whether all banners, branding and offers are in place and whether employees are aware of new offers

Daily Attendance Tracker

Eliminate employee dissatisfaction related to discrepancies in login timings and location compliance

Store/Restaurant Visit Report

Area Managers can conduct audits and review previous visit data helping close open issues.

SOP Audit

Ensure smooth functioning of the location according to all SOPs

New Store Opening Checklist

Have a timely and well planned new store opening, checks on employees being at their assigned brands to attend Customers, all new banners and decorations and offers are in place, property is in a good state and VM aspects are taken care of

Duty Manager Checklist

Ensuring standardisation of all operational activities

Repair and Maintenance Audit

Ensure proactive maintenance and timely repair of tools and increase visibility of the state of the property. Operation managers can provide ratings for the audit conducted at the store in order to ensure that the property is Customer ready

Store Manager Checklist

Integrated task management, follow-ups, reminders and escalations help in building accountability within the store staff

Health & Hygiene Audits

Design and conduct health safety audits to ensure adherence to protocols and to stay complaint with regulations.

Visual Merchandising Standards

Drive consistency in product displays, branding, floor layouts and overall experience driving higher footfall and increasing Customer engagement

Fall prevention checklists

Ensure a safe experience for senior citizens, kids and specially abled people

Floor Way Safety Inspection

Ensure a safe experience for Employees and Customers

Opening and Closing Checklists

Ensure readiness, security and hygiene of the property for a good Customer Experience

Net Promoter Score Surveys

Enhance Customer Loyalty

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